Food Export Requirement

food export requirement

Food exporters must consider seriously about Food Export Requirements. Many business actors fail to export due to non-compliance with food standards in exported market. There are several requirements that exporters need to fulfill such as food safety. Food safety is required by government regulations in every country. So, it could be said that one of […]

How to do laboratory testing for food at BASIL?

food laboratory testing

Introduction PT Seafood Inspection Laboratory is a food testing laboratory for the food industry in Indonesia. We could help you by testing your food to meet your local, national and international standards. Food testing is a very important part of a wholesome product. Over time, authorities are increasing their supervision or monitoring on the food […]

Scombrotoxin Fish Poisoning

Scombrotoxin Fish Poisoning

Scombrotoxin Fish Poisoning – Have you ever had allergic symptoms after eating certain types of fish? if you mistakenly to consume spoiled fish meat, in less than two hours your skin becomes red and itchy, even though you don’t have a history of allergies to certain food. If you have ever eaten fish and are […]

Benefits of Tuna Fish

benerfit of tuna

            Benefit of tuna fish – Do you know that nutrition in many kinds of fishes have benefit to human body? As we know, fish is one of the healthy food sources and it could provide various benefits for our body. Tuna is one of it. Because of its nutritious […]

How to become an exporter of fishery products

How to become an exporter

        How to become an exporter of fishery products – Export is the process of sending commodity from one country to another. This process is often carry out by companies or businesses with various capability ranging from small to large-scale businesses. It is a highly competitive market, yet it offers opportunity for […]

What is Certificate of Analysis for Food Exporter ?

contoh certificate of analysis dari laboratorium makanan indonesia. Contoh - contoh COA yang sudah terbit

What is Certificate of Analysis (COA) – For those of you who want to export food, you must know the requirements. Firstly, You must fulfill some administrations. One of them is certificate of analysis (COA). Do you know? If you don’t have this certificate, you would find problems such as container rejection or automatic detention […]

Be careful with Listeria before exporting

listeria is dangerous

Listeria can be dangerous ? be-careful-with-listeria-before-exporting – Microbes are important factor for fish exporters, as microbes can cause food degradation in fish products. Exporters should pay attention to microbiological conditions throughout the fish production chain in order to optimize the quality of the final product.  Listeria is one of the pathogens that could cause container detention […]

Principal Markets for Tuna Species

We have been testing seafood products, including tuna. So, We’ll talk about some principal tuna species on this article.  One of the most caught and consumed fish in the world is tuna. Indonesia is one of the largest tuna producers in the world. Tuna is a migratory fish across the oceans around the world. Tuna […]

Hidden Hazard in Alcoholic Beverages, Methanol content in commercial alcoholic beverages. Alcoholic beverages are widely consumed throughout the world. There are many reasons why people drink alcohol. Nowadays, many alcohol producers have changed natural fermentation method with synthetic alcohol in order to get alcohol in short time. Replacement with alcohol synthetic on alcohol drinks often causing poisoning to consumers, […]