Sensory Workshop

PT Seafood Inspection Laboratory’s Event 

Sensory Workshop Package

Sensory factors are the first thing that consumers pay attention to, therefore sensory testing is very necessary in developing fishery products, evaluating products during processing, storage, and marketing. PT Seafood Inspection Laboratory will be held a sensory workshop on tuna & snapper for the food and fishery industry. So that you could be an expert at examining product odor & appearance to identify spoiled products.

IDR 5.500.000

  • Certificate Participant
  • Apply basic physiological & psychological principles underpinning sensory test method also be able to identify advanced methods needed to measure differences and similarities of sensory products, consumer preferences and sensory descriptions.

Note :

  • Price includes tax.
  • Price excludes flight and accomodation.
  • Limited to 20 participants only

Registration fee can be transferred to PT Seafood Inspection Laboratory