Hidden Hazard in Alcoholic Beverages

Baliseafoodlab.com, Methanol content in commercial alcoholic beverages. Alcoholic beverages are widely consumed throughout the world. There are many reasons why people drink alcohol. Nowadays, many alcohol producers have changed natural fermentation method with synthetic alcohol in order to get alcohol in short time. Replacement with alcohol synthetic on alcohol drinks often causing poisoning to consumers, […]

Invasion of Foodborne Yeast and Mold

Baliseafoodlab.com,¬†Yeast and Mold Testing in Alcoholic Beverages. Yeast and mold are used in fermentation process the alcoholic beverages, but if the numbers are over the safe limit, they can potentially cause quality deterioration in them. The samples tested were outstanding commercial alcoholic beverages in Denpasar, Bali, i.e vodka, whisky, arak, wine and beer. From the […]