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Does Your Wastewater Pollute the Environment?

Wastewater is residual water that has decreased in quality, originating from human activities, such as industrial activities, offices, residential areas, agriculture and public places such as
hotels, restaurants, markets and

Wastewater needs proper management to minimize the negative impacts on the environment in order to prevent and control water pollution and restore the quality of the water to meet quality standards. Indonesian government has set the regulation for regarding to the wastewater quality standards as reference for the industries to manage their wastewater.

Standards for Wastewater

According to PERMEN LH No. 05/2014 about Wastewater Quality Standards, herewith we inform you the standards or parameters of wastewater testing.

table 1. Wastewater parameter

*for the detail you can check here.

Who Should Do the Wastewater Test?

Through Article 3 Paragraph (1) PERMEN LHK Number 68 of 2016 concerning Domestic Wastewater Quality Standards, the government states that every business or activity that produces domestic wastewater is required to treat them.

How Do You Know if Your Wastewater Pollute the Environment?

It is possible to determine the quality and safety of wastewater and the necessary precautions by controlling, monitoring, and testing wastewater regularly.


PT Seafood Inspection Laboratory is a professional and experienced testing laboratory, able to provide wastewater testing services using the spectrophotometry method.


The test takes 14 working days. We will provide the results with a Certificate of Analysis (COA), where you can use the COA to ensure whether your wastewater is safe.


Let’s test your wastewater! We will help you to identify the safety of your water. Let’s save the planet!


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