Does Your Wastewater Pollute the Environment?

wastewater test

Wastewater is residual water that has decreased in quality, originating from human activities, such as industrial activities, offices, residential areas, agriculture and public places such as hotels, restaurants, markets and etc.  Wastewater needs proper management to minimize the negative impacts on the environment in order to prevent and control water pollution and restore the quality of the water to meet […]

Clostridium Botulinum on Canned Food

Clostridium Botulinum on Canned Food

What is Clostridium Botulinum? What’s the does Clostridium Botulinum have to do with Canned Food? What are the effects and symptoms that will be experienced if infected by Clostridium Botulinum? How to identify if the canned food that we are going to consume is safe from Clostridium Botulinum? Let’s Find Out! What is Clostridium Botulinum? Clostridium Botulinum is a bacterium […]

Benefits of Food Sampling Regularly

Food sampling is the process of collecting and testing food, ingredients, the environment, or other materials. Food sampling is commonly used to monitor or verify the effectiveness of control measures put in place to prevent, eliminate or reduce to an acceptable level the hazards that present a risk of contamination to food. There are many […]

Food Export Requirement

food export requirement

Food exporters must consider seriously about Food Export Requirements. Many business actors fail to export due to non-compliance with food standards in exported market. There are several requirements that exporters need to fulfill such as food safety. Food safety is required by government regulations in every country. So, it could be said that one of […]