Food Testing Laboratory

Food testing laboratory – Tips for choosing a food testing laboratory for your food product.

          Food testing laboratory is important for food manufacturers that start launching their product or distributing their products on the market. They must have a food safety plan about their food products. This food safety plan is to fulfill the food standard requirement. For export products, producers need certain documents such as Certificate of Analysis or Health Certificate from accredited laboratory to meet FDA / import custom requirement. Hence, they need food laboratory to help them to fulfill their requirement. Here are tips for you to choose your food laboratory in Indonesia.

Tips for choosing a food testing laboratory for your food product.

1. Choose an accredited laboratory

food testing laboratory

     Firstly, we should pay attention to accreditation as it is the competency of food testing laboratory. Food laboratory must be accredited by KAN ISO 17025. You can find this accreditation information in their website before you bring your samples to them.

2. Know your company needs

   The second tip is: knowing your company’s needs. By understanding your company’s needs, such as what parameters & which samples to be tested, you would save a lot of time. Otherwise, you could miscommunicate with the laboratory. We recommend you to discuss it with your quality team before you contact the laboratory.

3. Visit the food testing laboratory website

          Find all information about food testing that you need before you contact the laboratory. On their website, usually you could find most information about the food testing service. It could help you to make better decision.

4. Budgeting & testing method

     Last tips, After collecting all information & knowing what parameters to be tested on which samples, next you could adjust your budget to the testing costs. Each laboratory offers different testing prices based on many factors. One of them is based on testing method. Choose the appropriate testing method according to your needs.

Finally, food laboratory testing is very important in food safety system. Only laboratory, which relies on scientific analysis to identify problems with food products, could test & proof that the food sample is free from contaminants. So, choosing the right laboratory, may help you to avoid unwanted rejection cost in destination countries, and lead you to your export success.

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