listeria is dangerous

Be careful with Listeria before exporting

Listeria can be dangerous ? be-careful-with-listeria-before-exporting – Microbes are important factor for fish exporters, as microbes can cause food degradation in fish products. Exporters should pay attention to microbiological conditions throughout the fish production chain in order to optimize the quality of the final product.  Listeria is one of the pathogens that could cause container detention or rejection in destination countries. It could cause severe illness to consumers.

Listeria bacterial infection can be dangerous to pregnant women, the elderly, and people whose immune systems are weak. One of the Listeria family that can be found in fish product is Listeria monocytogenes, if a person is getting infection with listeria monocytogenes, then he or she will show symptoms such as fever and diarrhea. Food poisoning caused by bacterial contamination of listeria monocytogenes is called Listeriosis.

Exporters must do listeria test in their food product because listeria is one of parameters that must be pay attention to. This should be done in order to minimize container detention or rejection in destination countries.

First, to test the bacteria contamination of listeria, exporter must bring food samples to a certified laboratory. After testing the samples, the food laboratory would issue Certificate of Analysis (COA) with testing result in it. If COA mention there is no listeria in samples, the COA could be use as one of the requirement export documents. In addition, exporters who already have their own laboratory can test listeria parameter using reveal 2.0 for listeria.

Listeria can be dangerous

Finally, we know that listeria is the pathogen bacteria that can be dangerous to human. So, be careful with listeria. Detect your product early in order to minimize rejection costs.

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