How to become an exporter

How to become an exporter of fishery products

        How to become an exporter of fishery products – Export is the process of sending commodity from one country to another. This process is often carry out by companies or businesses with various capability ranging from small to large-scale businesses. It is a highly competitive market, yet it offers opportunity for entrepreneurship.

         Indonesia is a maritime country, located in the archipelago & has 54,720 km of coastlines. Those would make Indonesia potentially to become one of the largest fishery producers or exporters. So, how to be a fishery products exporter?

How to become an exporter of Fishery Product

Terms & Conditions of Becoming a Fishery Exporter

First, there are mainly 4 conditions that must be owned by a company in order to carry out the export activities, such as:

  1. Processing facility in accordance with the provisions.
  2. There are skillful human resources.
  3. Administrative obedience.
  4. Product eligibility.

Next, you must have a legal entity, for example CV, PT, UD, etc. The fishery exporter also must have an NPWP (tax identification number), and then awarded with permits issued by the government. In addition to the terms and conditions that must be considered, there are other required administrative documents that must be complete. Namely, internal documents and external documents.

Export Document

What are the general documents must be collected to complete the requirements?

Accordingly the term and condition,before you become an exporter, you also have to complete some documents. For further, you have to know what kind documents are. The general documents are equally important with terms and condition. Accordingly to requirement, below are the documents that you must collect before to be exporter :

Internal Documents

  1. Proforma invoice
  2. Commercial invoice
  3. Packing list
  4. Beneficiary certificate
  5. Certificate of product
  6. Letter of guarantee
  7. Draft
  8. Export transaction details

External Documents

  1. Health Certification
  2. Certificate of Origin
  3. Bill of Landing
  4. Export Declaration
  5. Certificate of Analysis
certificate of analysis

Finally, we know how to become an exporter of fishery product. The previously mentioned requirements are the main requirements. There are plenty of details that need to be pay attention to, such as business strategies, finance, product food safety etc. PT Seafood Inspection Laboratory could help you in testing the required testing parameter. Let us be your laboratory in testing your seafood products. So, Are you ready to be become an exporter?

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