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What is Certificate of Analysis for Food Exporter ?

What is Certificate of Analysis (COA) – For those of you who want to export food, you must know the requirements. Firstly, You must fulfill some administrations. One of them is certificate of analysis (COA). Do you know? If you don’t have this certificate, you would find problems such as container rejection or automatic detention in the destination country. If rejected or detained, one of the solutions is to send the container back to the country of origin, which would be costly & time consuming.

What is Certificate of analysis (COA)?

         COA is a document proving and explaining that certain laboratory testings have been carried out on products before export. It could be used to show that the food laboratory has already tested your food samples in order to ensure it is wholesome & fit for human consumption. COA could also be a very important document in completing the export administration requirements.

    COA contains the laboratory testing’s quantitative/ qualitative results of the food/ seafood samples, and PT Seafood Inspection Laboratory, Bali can help you to test your food samples & issue COA.

         Some people may possibly assume that Certificate of Analysis is just a formality. In fact, the existence of the document is very important to assist customers in understanding the wholesomeness of products. A reliable food exporter should be able to provide COA to the buyer & for fulfilling export administration. Accordingly, the exporter must know how to get COA. 

How to get COA ?

So, below are steps to get certificate of analysis.

  1. Find certified food testing laboratory.
  2. Bring the food/ seafood sample to the food testing laboratory.
  3. Acknowledge what parameters will be test on the food/ seafood samples.
  4. Fill the application forms provided by the food testing laboratory.

Finally, we have known that Certificate of Analysis could be use as a good indicator about the products’ wholesomeness. You may want to discuss with buyers about which parameters do they need for the testing. The number of samples & parameter testing would determine the total testing cost. PT Seafood Inspection Laboratory provides food safety testing for your food/ seafood product. 

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