World Water Day 2022 – Clean Water for Kids

World Water Day

World Water Day is a day celebrated as an effort to attract the public about the importance of clean water for life.  Water is a fundamental human need. We use water for many purposes, such as drinking, cooking, washing, etc. Although there is an abundance of water available, not all of it is safe to […]

Beach Clean Up at Batu Belig by PT Seafood Inspection Laboratory

Beach clean-up activities carried out at Batu Belig Beach followed by forty (40) employees and family employee of PT. Seafood Inspection Laboratory, PT. Asindo Minasegara and BHLN Technical Services, LLC, which starts at 7am until 10am. Beach clean-up by going along the beach with garbage bags and the garbage collected is thrown to the nearest […]

Seafood Inspection Laboratory Donasi 1.000 Sembako untuk Masyarakat Terdampak Covid-19

PT Seafood Inspection Laboratory dan Anova Technical Services melalui Program Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) memberikan bantuan sebanyak 1.000 paket sembako gratis kepada masyarakat terdampak pandemi Covid-19. Kegiatan ini merupakan salah satu komitmen mereka dalam menjalankan tanggung jawab sosial..PT. Seafood Inspection Laboratory dan Anova Technical Service meminta data warga yang terdampak langsung Covid-19 seperti pekerja yang […]