PT Seafood Inspection Laboratory CSR “We Care, We Share” at Panti Jompo Werdha Santhi

DENPASAR, Friday, December 8, 2023 – In order to celebrate the joy of
Christmas and closing of the year 2023, PT Seafood Inspection Laboratory
conducted a social action through a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities
called “We Care, We Share.” The company visited Panti Jompo Werdha
Santhi (UPTD Social Services Kampung Investasi Hati) located in the village of
Bongan, Tabanan sub-district, Tabanan regency. Through this CSR initiative, the
company donated various daily necessities such as groceries, household cleaning
tools, pillows, and blankets for the elderly and persons with disabilities
(ODGJ) residing at Werdha Santhi facility. As of the company’s visit on
December 8, there were a total of 22 elderly individuals, including abandoned
elderly (without family) and ODGJ, living and being cared for at Werdha Santhi
During this CSR activity, the company, represented by several employees, not only provided physical assistance but also shared warmth with the elderly through conversations and group photos, hoping that the elderly residents at Werdha Santhi facility could feel our care. During the visit, we were guided around the facility by Mrs. Komang Ayuningsih, the head of the facility, to observe the living conditions of the elderly.

Diana Asian Siregar (HR-GA-Legal Manager), one of the company’s representatives participating in this visit, wish that PT Seafood Inspection Laboratory’s CSR activities could help alleviate the burden of the elderly residing at the facility. Furthermore, it is expected that the company’s CSR initiatives can inspire the community to pay more attention to others, especially the elderly who may be physically, psychologically, and financially vulnerable and less fortunate.

PT Seafood Inspection Laboratory demonstrates that a company’s success is not only reflected in financial gains but also in its concern for others. Through this CSR activity, the company not only provides physical assistance but also sows happiness and love in the hearts of the elderly. May this positive step serve as inspiration for many to contribute together in creating a better world, full of love and compassion.

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