Be careful with Listeria before exporting

listeria is dangerous

Listeria can be dangerous ? be-careful-with-listeria-before-exporting – Microbes are important factor for fish exporters, as microbes can cause food degradation in fish products. Exporters should pay attention to microbiological conditions throughout the fish production chain in order to optimize the quality of the final product.  Listeria is one of the pathogens that could cause container detention […]

Principal Markets for Tuna Species

We have been testing seafood products, including tuna. So, We’ll talk about some principal tuna species on this article.  One of the most caught and consumed fish in the world is tuna. Indonesia is one of the largest tuna producers in the world. Tuna is a migratory fish across the oceans around the world. Tuna […]

Beach Clean Up at Batu Belig by PT Seafood Inspection Laboratory

Beach clean-up activities carried out at Batu Belig Beach followed by forty (40) employees and family employee of PT. Seafood Inspection Laboratory, PT. Asindo Minasegara and BHLN Technical Services, LLC, which starts at 7am until 10am. Beach clean-up by going along the beach with garbage bags and the garbage collected is thrown to the nearest […]

Neogen AccuPoint Advanced Sampler, Access

AccuPoint Advanced Sampler, Access Item No. 9906 Specification Analyte : ATP Brand : AccuPoint® Package Dimensions : 13.70 IN x 7.90 IN x 4.10 IN Package Weight : 2.00 LB Quantity per Package : 100 samplers