Veratox Histamine – Early histamine detection for fish export

Veratox Histamine

Veratox Histamine – One of the defining qualities in the food industry, especially fish, is the content of histamine. As we already know, histamine is a toxic chemical. Fish that are not fresh in quality will cause histamine levels to rise. The higher the damage to the fish, the more histamine is forming. So, it […]

Types of cross contamination – What is cross contamination of food ?

Types of cross contamination – Cross contamination is the transfer of bacteria or microorganisms from one substance to another. Other types of cross contamination include transfer of food allergens, chemicals, or toxins. According to WHO, an estimated 600 million people fall ill and 420,000 people die each year after consuming contaminated food. Cross contamination is […]

PCR test for food testing – Real time pathogen detection for food product

PCR Test for Food Testing

PCR test for food testing – Are you a food exporter? If you are, there are several problems that you should pay attention to as those problems could hinder your export activity. In the food industry, it is quite easy for foods to be contaminated with dangerous pathogenic bacteria. Before exporting food to the destination […]

Why Histamine can fail your fish export business


Histamine in tuna export – Histamine in fish is one of the problems in the tuna/ fish industry. It is an issue to both local & export market. Tuna is a species of Scombridae. Scombrids have two dorsal fins and a series of finlets behind the rear dorsal fin and anal fin. They are generally predators in open […]

Food Export Requirement

food export requirement

Food exporters must consider seriously about Food Export Requirements. Many business actors fail to export due to non-compliance with food standards in exported market. There are several requirements that exporters need to fulfill such as food safety. Food safety is required by government regulations in every country. So, it could be said that one of […]

How to do laboratory testing for food at BASIL?

food laboratory testing

Introduction PT Seafood Inspection Laboratory is a food testing laboratory for the food industry in Indonesia. We could help you by testing your food to meet your local, national and international standards. Food testing is a very important part of a wholesome product. Over time, authorities are increasing their supervision or monitoring on the food […]

Scombrotoxin Fish Poisoning

Scombrotoxin Fish Poisoning

Scombrotoxin Fish Poisoning – Have you ever had allergic symptoms after eating certain types of fish? if you mistakenly to consume spoiled fish meat, in less than two hours your skin becomes red and itchy, even though you don’t have a history of allergies to certain food. If you have ever eaten fish and are […]