PT Seafood Inspection Laboratory CSR “We Care, We Share” at SDN 14 Pedungan Denpasar

We Care We Share at SDN 14 Pedungan

DENPASAR, Friday 17 February 2024 – SD Negeri 14 Pedungan, Denpasar was happy with the arrival of PT Seafood Inspection Laboratory. All students were given socialization on the importance of water. With Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities entitled “We Care, We Share”, PT Seafood Inspection Laboratory provides clean water for Indonesian children, especially Bali and […]

We Care, We Share PT. Seafood Inspection Laboratory at SDN 13 Pedungan, Pemogan, Denpasar

PT Seafood Inspection Laboratory Supports The Availability of Clean Water at SD Negeri 13 Pedungan

Denpasar, Monday, 28 November 2022 – PT Seafood Inspection Laboratory has shown a real commitment by providing clean, ready-to-drink water for students so that children in Indonesia, especially in Bali, are well hydrated and reduce the production of plastic waste towards environmental sustainability. After success providing clean and ready-to-drink water at SD Negeri 12 Sesetan […]