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How to do laboratory testing for food at BASIL?

How to do laboratory testing for food at BASIL?


PT Seafood Inspection Laboratory is a food testing laboratory for the food industry in Indonesia. We could help you by testing your food to meet your local, national and international standards. Food testing is a very important part of a wholesome product. Over time, authorities are increasing their supervision or monitoring on the food safety issue. Laboratory testing is necessary in order to ensure that the food products are fulfilling the food safety standards. 

We provide laboratory testing in microbiology, chemical, heavy metal, sensory, environmental and water. BASIL covers a large scope of food testing services. Our laboratory in Denpasar has been accredited by KAN ISO 17025: 2017 as a certified laboratory. 

Food laboratory testing is increasingly important because it ensures the safety of the food product. Since a decade ago we have been providing a number of food testing services to our customers so they could know that their food products are wholesome and meet the required standard.

If you have food products that you want to export and need a document such as a COA (Certificate of Analysis), we are ready to help you to test the food samples and  issue the COA. The testing  could minimize the rejection risk in the destination country. With the COA (Certificate of Analysis) from food laboratory, exporters can ship their products with more confidence.

There are several issues that cause exporters fail. One of them is about food safety. We would like to advise that all tuna/ fish exporters to USA should perform food safety testing in food laboratory. The purpose is to confirm the products pass the required food safety standard. Only laboratory testing that can proof if the food safety precautions in production process are successful. It is better to laboratory test samples before & after production. 

How to do laboratory testing for food at BASIL

So, what is the procedure for testing samples in BASIL? Here it is:

Food Testing Laboratory

Our laboratory can handle almost all food analysis needed by the FDA on food products. The FDA concerns about Histamine, Salmonella, Listeria & many other parameters. A certified laboratory such as BASIL can help you to carry out these testing in order to fulfill FDA requirement. So, if you are exporting food products or distributing foods to consumers, you should test your food products in a food laboratory prior to delivery. 

In addition, the FDA is also very concern about food decomposition. in order to fast check decompose product, sensory testing is one of the important food testing methods. BASIL’s sensory testing can help you to meet the FDA’s standard or requirement. The Federal Food and Drug Act and FDA regulations require testing of microbiology, chemicals and heavy metals on food product. The FDA has set the minimum level of chemical, microbiological and heavy metals content in food products. For example, only certain ppm of mercury is allowed in fish sample.

Finally, now we know the importance of food testing laboratory. Let us be your laboratory and let us handle your food safety testing concern. For more information please contact us. 

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