Neogen AccuPoint Advanced Sampler, Water

AccuPoint Advanced Sampler, Water Item No. 9906 Analyte : ATP Brand : AccuPoint® Package Dimensions : 13.70 IN x 7.90 IN x 4.30 IN Package Weight : 2.80 LB Quantity per Package : 100 samplers

Neogen Stat-fax 4700 Microwell Reader

Neogen Stat-Fax 4700 Microwell Reader Item No. 9303 For use with Neogen ELISA assays Bichromic optics with four filters Interactive LCD touch screen Calculates results automatically Specification : Package Dimensions   : 13.90 IN x 18.80 IN x 9.10 IN Package Weight : 9.60 LB Automatic strip transportation Bichromic optics with four filters: Neogen (Standard) 405, […]

Neogen AccuPoint Advanced Sampler, Access

AccuPoint Advanced Sampler, Access Item No. 9906 Specification Analyte : ATP Brand : AccuPoint® Package Dimensions : 13.70 IN x 7.90 IN x 4.10 IN Package Weight : 2.00 LB Quantity per Package : 100 samplers

Neogen AccuPoint Advanced Surface Sampler

AccuPoint® Advanced Surface Sampler Item No. 9905 Specification Analyte : ATP Approvals : AOAC-RI 091601 Brand : AccuPoint® Package Dimentions : 10.30 IN x 7.70 IN x 6.50 IN Package Weight : 3.10 LB

Neogen AccuPoint Advanced Reader

Accupoint® Advanced Reader Item No.  9903 < 10-second results – The system rapidly measures the level of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) on a surface to determine its cleanliness and provide quantitative, pass/fail results. Actionable Data – AccuPoint’s Data Manager software is developed based on customer recommendations to provide the best and easiest reporting options. Easy-to-use – Full-color high-res display and […]

CCP & SSOP Supplies

Critical Control Point (CCP) & Sanitary Standards Operating Procedures (SSOP) Supplies Carbon monoxide (CO) alarm Quick Swabs Sanitizers Temperature recorder: Data logger and Program Manager Software Thermocouple (waterproof) Thermometers (freezer, incubator, oven and refrigerator)