Neogen AccuPoint Advanced Sampler, Water

AccuPoint Advanced Sampler, Water Item No. 9906 Analyte : ATP Brand : AccuPoint® Package Dimensions : 13.70 IN x 7.90 IN x 4.30 IN Package Weight : 2.80 LB Quantity per Package : 100 samplers

Neogen Stat-fax 4700 Microwell Reader

Neogen Stat-Fax 4700 Microwell Reader Item No. 9303 For use with Neogen ELISA assays Bichromic optics with four filters Interactive LCD touch screen Calculates results automatically Specification : Package Dimensions   : 13.90 IN x 18.80 IN x 9.10 IN Package Weight : 9.60 LB Automatic strip transportation Bichromic optics with four filters: Neogen (Standard) 405, […]

Neogen AccuPoint Advanced Surface Sampler

AccuPoint® Advanced Surface Sampler Item No. 9905 Specification Analyte : ATP Approvals : AOAC-RI 091601 Brand : AccuPoint® Package Dimentions : 10.30 IN x 7.70 IN x 6.50 IN Package Weight : 3.10 LB

Neogen AccuPoint Advanced Reader

Accupoint® Advanced Reader Item No.  9903 < 10-second results – The system rapidly measures the level of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) on a surface to determine its cleanliness and provide quantitative, pass/fail results. Actionable Data – AccuPoint’s Data Manager software is developed based on customer recommendations to provide the best and easiest reporting options. Easy-to-use – Full-color high-res display and […]

Seafood Inspection Laboratory Donasi 1.000 Sembako untuk Masyarakat Terdampak Covid-19

PT Seafood Inspection Laboratory dan Anova Technical Services melalui Program Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) memberikan bantuan sebanyak 1.000 paket sembako gratis kepada masyarakat terdampak pandemi Covid-19. Kegiatan ini merupakan salah satu komitmen mereka dalam menjalankan tanggung jawab sosial..PT. Seafood Inspection Laboratory dan Anova Technical Service meminta data warga yang terdampak langsung Covid-19 seperti pekerja yang […]

CCP & SSOP Supplies

Critical Control Point (CCP) & Sanitary Standards Operating Procedures (SSOP) Supplies Carbon monoxide (CO) alarm Quick Swabs Sanitizers Temperature recorder: Data logger and Program Manager Software Thermocouple (waterproof) Thermometers (freezer, incubator, oven and refrigerator)

Hidden Hazard in Alcoholic Beverages, Methanol content in commercial alcoholic beverages. Alcoholic beverages are widely consumed throughout the world. There are many reasons why people drink alcohol. Nowadays, many alcohol producers have changed natural fermentation method with synthetic alcohol in order to get alcohol in short time. Replacement with alcohol synthetic on alcohol drinks often causing poisoning to consumers, […]

Invasion of Foodborne Yeast and Mold, Yeast and Mold Testing in Alcoholic Beverages. Yeast and mold are used in fermentation process the alcoholic beverages, but if the numbers are over the safe limit, they can potentially cause quality deterioration in them. The samples tested were outstanding commercial alcoholic beverages in Denpasar, Bali, i.e vodka, whisky, arak, wine and beer. From the […]