Neogen Stat-fax 4700 Microwell Reader

Neogen Stat-fax 4700 Microwell Reader

Neogen Stat-Fax 4700 Microwell Reader

Item No. 9303
  • For use with Neogen ELISA assays
  • Bichromic optics with four filters
  • Interactive LCD touch screen
  • Calculates results automatically

Specification :

Package Dimensions  : 13.90 IN x 18.80 IN x 9.10 IN
Package Weight: 9.60 LB
  • Automatic strip transportation
  • Bichromic optics with four filters: Neogen (Standard) 405, 450, 492 and 650 nm
  • Easy to use with step-by-step prompting
  • On-board graphics printing
  • Calculates results automatically, large nonvolatile memory stores more than 100 user-entered tests
  • Includes one 3 x 12 strip carrier for break apart microwells
  • Syncs with Veratox software for simple reporting, storage and tracking of results

Accordingly, Neogen stat-fax is one of our equipment supplies for your laboratory needs.

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