Veratox Histamine


Intended Use

Veratox for Histamine is a competitive direct ELISA intended for the quantitative analysis of histamine in scombroid species of fish, such as tuna, bluefish and mahi-mahi, and in fishmeal.


Product Specifications

  • Lower limit of detection:           2 ppm
  • Range of quantitation:               2.5–40 ppm
  • Controls provided:                      0, 2.5, 5, 10, 20 and 50 ppm
  • Testing time:                                20 minutes
  • Antibody cross-reactivity:         Specific for histamine
  • Tests per kit:                                Up to 38
  • Approvals:                                    AOAC-RI 070703



Ordering Information

Prod.#        Product description

9505             Veratox for Histamine
9506             Veratox for Histamine Tuna Pack
9510             Veratox for Histamine Extraction Kit