Reveal Salmonella


Intended Use

The Reveal 2.0 for Salmonella test provides for the rapid recovery of Salmonella in chicken carcass rinse, raw ground turkey, raw ground beef, hot dogs, raw shrimp, ready-to-eat meal products, dry pet food, ice cream, fresh spinach,cantaloupe, peanut butter, swabs from stainless steel surfaces, and sprout irrigation water samples allowing detection and presumptive identification of Salmonella within 24 hours.

Product Specifications

  • Sensitivity: 1 cfu/analytical unit, 10 cfu/mL post enrichment
  • Testing time: 15 minutes
  • Tests per kit: 20
  • Kit contains: 20 Reveal 2.0 for Salmonella test devices, 20 disposable transfer pipettes, 20 sample cups
  • Approvals: AOAC-RI 960801



Ordering Information

Prod.#        Product description

9706          Reveal 2.0 One-Step for Salmonella – Kit contains 20 devices

9802        Reveal 2.0 One-Step Salmonella Complete System – Contains devices, RV selective medium, and sampling bags for 20 tests

9803        Reveal 2.0 for Salmonella Complete System with RV – Contains devices, REVIVE, RV selective medium and sampling bags for 20 tests

9804        Reveal 2.0 for Salmonella Complete  System  with M-Broth and RV – Contains devices, REVIVE, RV selective medium, M-Broth and sampling bags for 20 tests

9805        Reveal 2.0 for Salmonella Environmental Sampling System –Contains devices, REVIVE,  RV selective medium, M-Broth and environmental sampling kits for 20 tests

9705        REVIVE for Salmonella – Patented resuscitation medium to speed up enrichment for Salmonella. Contains  bottles  and bags for 20 tests

9729        1X RV Selective Media – Rappaport-Vassiliadis  Broth 1X. Media kit contains prefilled bottles for 20 tests and 20 stomacher bags

9715        2X RV Selective Media – Rappaport-Vassiliadis Broth 2X con centrate.

Media kit contains prefilled bottles for 20 tests and 20 stomacher bags. To be used in combination  with REVIVE.