About Us – Company

Welcome to PT. Seafood Inspection Laboratory (BASIL), a private laboratory for the seafood industry based in Bali, Indonesia. We provide testing and inspection services for seafood companies exporting to the United States, Europe and Asia. We specialize in seafood products and HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points), such as the presence of salmonella, histamine and decomposition.

Our Goal

The Seafood Inspection Laboratory in Bali, Indonesia (BASIL) was established in 2008.  We are located in the heart of the busy Benoa Harbor seafood industry sector.

Our goal is to ensure that all exported seafood shipments will meet the high quality standards required overseas by the official authorities. Exporting continuously high quality products will help you increase your business potential and will prevent you from being on an import detention list at the borders. In today’s increasing consumer demand for high quality foods, the best practices are required to meet this demand.

Why Bali Seafood Inspection Laboratory?

  • Undisputed scientific leadership and quality commitment
  • Unique network of independent and accredited labs in Indonesia
  • Experts staff available across Indonesia
  • Global coverage of labs, bridging Indonesian challenges with global requirements


“We are here to make your seafood processing, buying and exporting business successful”